Boiler Breakdown & Repairs

Boiler Breakdown, Repairs & Prevention

Clean heating has over 25 years of experience in the servicing of boilers and central heating systems, and no matter the age, make or model of your boiler, at some point you can and may experience issues with your boiler.  How we can assist you: 

When one our engineers visits you due to a boiler breakdown, the first thing we will do is run diagnostics check in order to ascertain the problem of the breakdown. We carry out a diagnostic check to help us to identify whether the fix will be straightforward or more involved, this will enable our engineers to be able to provide you with a quotation on the day of inspection. 

Depending on the problem our engineers may be able to resolve the problem on the day, or they may be required to order a part and schedule an appointment with you to fix the issue. In any case if required our engineers will ensure that they have secured your home and made it safe. You are under no obligation to continue with us, and if you do not wish to go ahead with us, you will only be charged our diagnostics fee. 

Power Flushing: 

Power flushing is a powerful and effective method of cleaning any heating system, it helps the heating system run much more efficiently and improves the lifespan of your boiler and central heating system, while preventing breakdowns.

A power flush is a process which is carried out by our qualified engineers and is designed to remove buildup in the boiler. Any build ups of sludge, rust and other debris will be dislodged by the process of flushing water through the heating system at a high velocity, this is done using a machine called a ‘pumping station’ and when removing the buildup, introduces clean water through the system.

How do I know my heating system needs a power flush?

There are many signs that your heating system needs to be flushed and the most common ones that you may notice are:

  • Noticing that there are cold patches on your radiators, with only a hot strip at the top
  • Noticing that your Boiler/ and or Central Heating System has become significantly noisy
  • Noticing that your Central Heating takes considerably longer to heat up than normal, or that it may not reach its optimum temperature.

If you require us to give your Boiler/Heating System a power flush, in addition we will add an inhibitor fluid and refill your system. An inhibitor prevents corrosion and reduces the chemical reaction between the metal and the water in your system, which helps reduce the build up of rust. To help prevent any future build up of sludge we recommend that a Magnetic Filter is fitted. 

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