Hot Water Systems Including Cylinders + Immersion Heaters

Hot Water Systems, Cylinders & Immersion Heaters

Sometimes your water can take a considerably longer time to heat up, and your water pressure may be poor, which could be due to a buildup of scale. This is one of the main signs that your cylinder is not working efficiently, subsequently causing you to incur more cost on your heating energy bills. 


Vented hot water cylinder:

When you have a cold-water tank (mainly situated in a loft) the type of cylinder used is a traditional vented hot water cylinder, which will heat and store water in the tank.  The water tank is situated higher than the cylinder to provide a natural gravitational force Vented hot water cylinders are typically the most cost effective, as they are cheaper, require little to no maintenance, and operate at low pressure. 


Unvented hot water cylinder:

These cylinders are mostly recommended for customers who have multiple bathrooms and showers, as it improves the pressure by using water directly from the mains and does not require a water tank. An unvented hot water cylinder uses an expansion vessel to allow for a high volume of excess hot water to be held. This means that regular maintenance is required to meet safety regulations. 

 Both vented and unvented cylinders can be heated either indirectly via the boiler, or directly from the immersion heater. If you require any advice or further information, please give us a call where we will be happy to assist you.

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