Terms & Conditions


**Certain words within this plan have a particular meaning. Each time we use these words they will have the same meaning wherever they are used in your plan. Please see the General Definitions section for further details.

In order to enter into this Contract You must meet each of the following requirements.
Your Home must be located in the United Kingdom (including the Isle of Man and the Isle of Wight); and
You must be an existing customer of clean heating ltd.
you must have had your heating system installed by Clean heating ltd to be accepted into this contract
You must be the legal owner of the Home.
UK Law – Your Agreement is bound by the laws of whichever country the property included in Your Agreement is in – England and Wales or Scotland.
English Language – Everything We write to You – including terms and conditions – will be in English.

Some of the words and phrases We have used have a particular meaning. We have highlighted these words in bold and explain what they mean below.

Clean Heating LTD Home Cover – Boiler Service and Maintenance Products Clean Heating LTD.
‘We’ or ‘Us’ – meaning Clean Heating LTD.
By ‘You’ or ‘Your’ — We mean the person(s) named on Your Schedule, plus the people who normally live in Your Home, Owner or agent. Only the person(s) named on the Schedule can amend or cancel the Agreement.
Contract – means these Terms and Conditions and Your Schedule.
Contract Price – means the price You must pay for the Clean Heating LTD Home Cover Product You have chosen, as specified in Your Schedule.
Contract Year – means the period of 12 months commencing on the Start Date of Your Contract or if You elect to renew Your Contract the period of 12 months commending on the Renewal Date.
Emergency – Means:

Access and Making Good – getting to Your boiler, appliance or System, to fix or service it and then Repairing any damage We may cause in getting Access to Your boiler, appliance of System by Replacing items such as cabinets or cupboards that We have removed and by filling holes We have made and leaving a level surface – We will not Replace or restore the original surface or covering, for example, tiles, floor covering, decoration, grass or plants.
Accidental Damage – when You do something that stops our boiler or System from working properly – without meaning to.
Agreement – all of the Products You have with Us.
Annual Service – A check each year to ensure Your gas boiler, appliance or Central Heating System is safe and working properly.
Approved List – Boiler, appliances or parts what We can Repair or Replace.
Boiler and Controls – a single natural gas, not exceeding 70kw the flue and the wired or wireless controls that make it work, including the programmer, thermostats, motorised valves  and Central Heating Pumps.
Central Heating – the heat and hot water System on Your Property – including Your expansion tank, radiators, bypass and radiator valves, Warm-Air vents, Cylinders, any immersion heater and its wired in timer switch, and the pipes that connect them.
Cylinders – a tank that stores hot water.
First Service – First Service is due 12 months from Your policy Start Date. However, We may visit Your Home and You first take out a product covering Your Boiler and Controls to check and confirm whether We can cover You.
Gas Supply Pipe – the pipe that connects Your gas meter to Your boiler and other gas appliances You have on Your Property.
Home – the building, including any attached garage or conservatory where You live or a Home You own, including holiday Homes or Rental Properties.
Maximum Cost – means:
In relation to Central Heating Cover, £1,000 (including parts, labour and any VAT) for any Central Heating System Repairs in any Contract Year and £1,000 (including parts, labour and any VAT) for any one Repair.
Monthly Payment – means that the part of the Contract Price which You must pay each calendar month.
Powerflush – a process carried out where We remove the Sludge from Your Central Heating System.
Power of Agreement – the day We accept Your application until Your Agreement runs out as detailed on Your Schedule.
Products – cover of service for certain appliance(s) or System(s).
Property – a Home and all the land up to Your boundary – including any detached outbuilding.
Renewal Date – means if You elect to renew Your Contract, the date on which Your renewed Contract starts, which will normally be the anniversary of Your Start Date.
Repair(s)/Repairing/Repaired – to fix Your boiler, appliance of System following an individual fault or breakdown.
Replacement/Replace/Replacing – where We Replace Your boiler, appliance or parts with an approved standard alternative. We will provide Replacements with a similar functionality but not necessarily an identical make and model or type or fitting.
Start Date – means the date on which Your Contract will start as set out in Your Schedule.
Sludge – the natural build-up of deposits in Your boiler or Central Heating System, and Your pipes, radiator and heat exchanger corrode over time.
Schedule – the document that shows the Products You have with us, the Power of Agreement and how much You are paying.
System – all parts of Your Central Heating,
Upgrades – improvements that make Your Boiler, appliance or System safer, or more efficient.
Beyond Economic Repair (BER) – means that it would cost more to Repair the boiler than to Replace it.
Normal Working Hours – for our engineers between 8:00AM – 5:00PM (Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays) or for our contact centre, 24 hours, 365 days a year.
Emergency Out of Hours – means the hours outside of Normal Working Times.
Vulnerable Customer – Means any person who:
Is residing at the Home and is ages over 70 or;
Has a child residing at the Home who is under 3 years old or;
Has a medical condition that would mean to wait for our engineers Normal Working Hours would endanger the life of that person.


What’s covered?

Annual Boiler Service
Warranty call out Management
What’s not covered?
Parts or Repair.
Damage caused by Lime scale or Sludge.
Boiler replacements
What’s covered?
All Repairs and Replace to:
No limit on boiler Repairs – unless the boiler is BER.
A single natural gas, in Your property that is;
Designed for Home use and has a head output capacity of up to 70KW
The flue including the flue termination, up to one meter in length.
Repair and Replace wired or wireless controls that operate Your boiler including the programmer or any thermostats, motorised zone valve and Central Heating Pump.
Annual Boiler Service.
Warranty call out management
What’s not covered?
Boiler that still work but have a noise.
Venting and airing radiators.
Underfloor heating, pipework and controls.
Damage caused by Lime scale, Sludge or other debris. If We have advised You previously that You need to carry out Repairs, improvements or a Clean Heating Power flush, or a similar process, but You have not done so.
Repairing or Replacing the flue including the terminal if it’s over one meter in length.
Repairing or Replacing the flue including the flue terminal for any open flue appliances.
Replacing or topping up Central Heating Inhibitor unless We have removed it.
Any parts of Your Boiler and Controls which directly supply a swimming pool.
Resetting Your controls or Replacing the batteries.
Repairing or Replacing Your Central Heating System,
Accidental Damage.
What’s covered? 
All Repairs to the heat and hot water System on Your Property including:
Expansion tank, radiators, thermostatic radiator valves, automatic air vent and bypass valves.

Cylinders – and any immersion heater and its wired timer switch.
The Central Heating pipes that connect the Central Heating System.
A Replacement of parts of Your Central Heating System and Gas Supply Pipe if We cannot Repair them.
Annual Boiler Service.
Warranty call out management
This Contract includes unlimited call-outs unless the Repair or Replacement including parts, labour and VAT exceeds the Maximum Cost within the Contract Year, or in Our reasonable opinion will exceed the relevant Maximum Cost.
What’s not covered?
Damage caused by Lime scale, Sludge or other debris.
If We have told You before that You need to carry out Repairs, improvements. Fixing showers, shower pumps and all types of taps.
Underfloor heating, pipework or controls.
Supply of curved, vertical, designer and non-standard radiators.
Repair and Replacement of electrical elements in radiators.
Replacing of topping up Central Heating inhibitor unless We have removed it.
Any parts of Your Central Heating which directly supplies a swimming pool.
Accidental Damage.


Any inadequacy attributing to original installation or design of the System.
Any damage due to the failure of water, gas or electricity supply.
Any work including de-scaling that may arise due to hard water scale deposits or aggressive water supply.

If you have not subscribed to a service plan with us in the first year of our heating installation, you will not be covered for any incidents that require maintenance within the first 3 months of Your Start Date.

Mechanical breakdowns due to Sludge build up within the System, removal of Products or corrosion from within the System should the heat exchanger or heat bank fail, this will deem the boiler to be Beyond Economic Repair.
Any damage or defect caused by lightening, frost, explosion, water, flood, storm, tempest, fire, impact or other extraneous causes or any other risk normally insured under household or other insurances.
Any defect caused through Accidental Damage (except where Accidental Damage caused by You is specifically stated as being included under Your Boiler Service and Maintenance product), intentional risk taking, negligence, misuse, third party interference or malicious or wilful action.
The Replacement of decorative parts.
Any adjustment of time and temperature controls, bleeding radiators or pressurising sealed Systems and relighting pilot lights.
The fabric of the building and any pipework including flues buried in it.
Any faults present at the time of signing the initial Contract, any call-outs deemed to have been pre-existing to the commencement date of the Boiler Service and Maintenance Product and within the first 3 months of the Contract will not be covered and may incur a charge for the call-out and any parts required, at the current Clean Heating Boiler rates, variable to the day and time of the call out.
Replacement of flues.
Consumables (e.g. Batteries, filters, fuses,)
Asbestos associated with Repairing the Central Heating appliance/System. When You have had any Asbestos removed, You must give Us a clean-air certificate before We will do any further work at Your Property. By law, the person who removes the Asbestos must give You a clean-air certificate.
Commencing and/or continuing services where We reasonably consider that there is a Health and Safety risk including the presence of hazardous materials; infestations, or harassment of our personnel, including verbal or physical abuse. We will not recommence work until the Health and Safety risk has been rectifies to our satisfaction.
Noisy boilers as boiler become older, for various reasons they may become noisy. Where age is the sole reason for noise, Clean Heating LTD do not consider this as a fault and it is not covered under the Clean Heating home Service and Maintenance Plan. A charge will be made for any recurring call-outs relating to the exclusions mentioned, chargeable at Clean Heating LTD current Normal Working Hours and Emergency Out of Hours. (£75.00 – Normal Working Hours and £140.00 for Emergency Out of Hours)
Parts of a Central Heating System or controls designed to incorporate any other heat source, for example solar water heating or solid fuel heating, ground, air and water heat pumps.
Combined cooking and heating appliances.
Replacement of bespoke or designer radiators, and their components, other than with standard parts.
Fan assisted convector heaters or immersion heaters.
There are circumstances whereby Your boiler cannot be Repaired, for example, if Your boiler is deemed to be Beyond Economic Repair or if the parts for Your boiler cannot be sourced. Clean Heating Home Plan standard and premium boiler Replacement cover. We will provide a Replacement boiler that We deem as suitable and fit for purpose. You cannot have the boiler fitted by another party and charge the cost to us.
Your boiler must be less than 7 years old in order to qualify for Replacement. The age of Your boiler will be determined using information provided by the manufacturer only.
If Your boiler cannot be Repaired and is deemed to be older than 7 years, then You will not be entitled to a Replacement.
If Your boiler is deemed Beyond Economic Repair and isn’t eligible for Replacement, as a Clean Heating LTD customer, You Will be entitled to a discount for a new boiler installed by us.
If You are eligible for a boiler Replacement, it will include installation by us, but exclude any other Upgrades to Your Central Heating System.
If regulations require Your boiler to be moved to a new location in Your Home or the original boiler was installed incorrectly, We reserve the right to charge You for necessary re-piping to Your Central Heating System and relocating your new heating system.
No cash alternatives will be offered for Boiler Replacement.
Your Replacement boiler will be supplied and fitted by Us at a mutually agreed date within a maximum of 4 weeks of Us determining Your boiler as being BER. This is subject to You being available to provide Us Access.
This section sets out the general terms and condition which apply to Your Contract.
This Contract is between You and Us for the safety and maintenance inspections and Repairs, included in Your selected Clean Heating Home Cover Product. We will provide these safety and maintenance inspections and Repairs to You in accordance with the Contract.
Nothing in this contact will affect either Our or Your statutory rights
If We offer renewal of Your Contract We may vary the terms and conditions of this Contract, effective as of Your Renewal Date. In such event, We will write to You at Your address detailed on the Schedule.
This Contract is specific to You and Your Home. The rights and obligations of this Contract cannot be transferred to another property or party without written consent.
We may transfer all our rights and obligations under this Contract to another company. If We do so, neither Your rights no our obligations and liabilities under this Contract will be affected by any transfer.
We reserve the right to utilise carefully selected partner services in order to help Us produce safety and maintenance inspections and Repairs.
Your Contract with Us is for the period of 12 months unless ended prematurely by either You or Us in accordance with section 1.1
We will write or email You to advise You of Your Renewal Date in accordance with section 1.2. Unless You tell Us prior to Your Renewal Date that You do not wish to renew Your Contract. We will assume that You wish to renew Your Contract for a further 12 months.
If We do renew Your Contract for a further 12 months, You will be responsible for paying the applicable charges for Your chosen Clean Heating Home product for those 12 months.

We will provide You with the safety and maintenance and Repairs included in Your chosen Clean Heating Home Product, in accordance with this Contract. 
Safety and maintenance inspections and Repairs will be arranged during Clean Heating LTD engineers Normal Working House, unless it is deemed by Us to be an Emergency. If We deem it an Emergency or that You are a Vulnerable Customer, You will be given priority call-out.
Less urgent appointments may have to be rescheduled at high times of demand.
If prior to the appointment You inform Us that You are (i) a Vulnerable Customer and/or (ii) Your maintenance or Repair is an Emergency, but upon arrival at Your Home our engineer discovers that these statement(s) were untrue, We reserve the right to charge You at Emergency Call out rates. 
You are responsible for arranging appointments with us.
You are responsible for providing Us Access to Your Home at the time of the appointment.
We cannot carry out work if We are unable to gain Access, We will notify You by letter or email. If You wish to arrange another appointment, it is Your responsibility to do so and provide Us Access to Your Home at an agreed time and date.
If You fail to give Us Access to Your Home on two consecutive occasions, We reserve the right to charge You for any subsequent visits that relate to this particular fault or Service in relation to this service and/or cancel Your Contract. In the event Your Contract is cancelled for failure to provide Us Access, You will not be entitled to a refund for any payments made to Us. 
It is Your responsibility to ensure that the conditions in Your Home are suitable for our engineers to complete the work.
If the conditions are not suitable for our engineers to complete work, We will tell You what You need do before We can perform the required works. For example, the removal of Asbestos.
If You have has Asbestos removed, You must provide Us a clean-air certificate prior to Us arranging the appointment to complete the work. The person who removes the Asbestos is required by law to give You a clean-air certificate.
You must not physically or verbally abuse our engineers under any circumstances and You must behave appropriately at all times. 
The Contract price payable by You is set out in Your Schedule that will be sent to You at the time of taking our selected Clean Heating Product or at the point in which You choose to renew Your Contract.
You must pay the Contract price in monthly instalments during the Contract Year as set out in Your Schedule.
Your Monthly Payments must be made by Direct Debit. No other forms of payment will be accepted.
Where there is any cost for a Repair, this must be paid by credit or debit card. No other forms of payment will be accepted.
Where there is any cost for a Repair, this must be paid by credit or debit card prior to the work being carried out.
Late Monthly Payments may incur an additional charge of 0.05% of the outstanding balance for everyday that the Monthly Payment is late.
Until full payment is made, We retain all ownership of all parts and equipment fitted by us. If You do not pay Us, We may recover these parts and equipment from You. Any outstanding payments must be made before any further works are carried out.
If two or more people have entered the Contract with us, each person will be joining and will be responsible for any money owed. This means that We can claim all of the money owed from one person.
Your Contract price is fixed for 12 month exception for any changes in VAT or any other applicable taxes.
Your Contract price may be adjusted prior to Your Renewal Date in accordance with section 1.2
Where We can reasonably do so, You will be informed in writing, email prior to the Start Date of any changes to the Contract price which is due to change in VAT or any other applicable tax duty. 
We will write or email You at least 28 days prior to Your Renewal Date to inform You that Your Contract is due to renew along with the Contract price You must pay if You elect to renew Your Contract with us.
If for any reason You do not wish to renew Your Contract, You must inform Us before the date on which Your Contract expires. Our address and telephone number can be found in section 1.1.
If You do not inform Us that You do not wish to renew Your Contract before the date on which Your Contract expires Your Contract will be renewed for a further 12 months and You will be responsible for pay, at our sole discretion, the Contract price for that 12 month period.
We have no obligation to renew Your Contract. 
You must inform Us if You move Home and if We are able to offer the services of Your selected Clean Heating product to the new owner we can try to transfer the contract.
We are responsible for any direct loss that is a foreseeable consequence of our breaching this Contract, our negligence or our breach of statutory duty. We are not responsible for any other loss including.
We are not responsible for any losses caused by an event of circumstances beyond our reasonable control.
We are not responsible for any business losses.
We are not responsible for remedial work arising from structural or renovation work carried out in Your Home or property by You or a third party, for example the removal of radiators in addition to new equipment or additions.
We are not responsible for any cost associated with re-housing the occupants of the property or any personal costs associated with alternate heating methods.
We are not responsible for the cost of any reinstatement or redecoration required as a result of the work We undertake unless the reinstatement or redecoration required because We have been negligent, or We are in breach of this Contract or out statutory duty.
Cancellation by Us, We may choose to cancel this Contract if;
The information You give Us is inaccurate or
You cancel Your direct debit in circumstances where You are not entitled to cancel Your Contract or
Your Monthly Payments as set out in the Schedule are not made or
A health and safety issue arises for which You are responsible, which makes it inappropriate for the Contract to continue.
You are physically violent or verbally abusive towards any of our engineers or other staff employed by Us to provide You with services;
You fail to allow Us Access to Your property on two consecutive safety and maintenance inspections or Repair appointments. In these circumstance You will not be entitled to a refund of the Monthly Payments You have paid and You must also pay to Us the minimum charge.  
Cancellation within the first 14 calendar days – You may cancel this Contract within 14 calendar days of receiving Your Schedule by either notifying Clean Heating LTD in writing (at the address and telephone number set out in section 1.1 cancel contract)
If We have not carried out any work You must pay the minimum charge to cover our costs including parts, labour and VAT.
Cancellation after the first 14 calendar days – You may cancel this Contract at any time if We fail to provide safety and maintenance inspections or Repairs upon Your request in any material respect by either notifying Clean Heating LTD in writing at the address or using the telephone number set out in section 1.1.
If You cancel this Contract after the first 14 calendar days for any other reason. You will not be entitled to refund of any Monthly Payments You have paid and must also pay to Us the minimum charge. 
If You wish to write to Us our address is:
Clean Heating ltd
unit 7
Little samuels farm
SG12 8NN
If You wish to telephone Us our telephone number is: 07940026052

Occasionally circumstances arise where problems can occur, giving rise to complaints. If You wish to make a complaint to Us concerning our performance and failure of our obligations under terms of this Contract, You must write to Us at the address below, setting out details of the complaint and We will reply with a written response within 14 days.

We would like to sort out any complaint as soon as possible. Most can be resolved informally. In the first instance contact Us on 07940026052 and We will try to sort the matter out. We would strongly advise You to do this if the matter is urgent and where any delay could cause further damage. If You make contact by phone, make a note of the name of the person You speak to. If a solution is offered at this point, make a note of that as well. If You are not satisfied or do not wish to resolve matters informally, You may pursue a formal complaint.

Write down Your complaint and send it to
Compliance Department
Clean Heating ltd
SG12 8NN

Please provide Us with as much detail as possible to help Us address Your complaint. This will save Us time and help Us to resolve Your complaint as soon as possible.

We will provide acknowledgement of Your complaint within 5 working days of receipt/  You may be contacted to make sure that We have understood Your complain properly or to clarify any issue. Our compliance team will investigate the matter thoroughly and may engage in written correspondence with You throughout the investigation process.  We will endeavour to send a final response to You within 30 days of receipt of Your complaint, although most complains will usually be resolved much quicker/ Our final response will indicated an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) body that You can contact if You are not satisfied with our response. If as a result of Your complaint, disciplinary proceedings are taken against a member of staff, an internal procedure will apply. As these proceedings are confidential, We will not be able to inform You of the outcome of these proceedings.

How We use and protect our information about You.
This section explains how We (Clean Heating ltd) use the information We collect about You in Your dealings with Us some of which will be classified as sensitive under the Data Protection Act. We will meet the standards set out in this policy whether or not You become a customer. We will collect information about You in a number of ways. For example, You might give to us, We might collect it through our dealings with You, or it might be collected through equipment.  We might also get it from companies that offer databases of information, or other third parties. If We significantly change any terms of the privacy policy We will, if applicable advise You.

We and our agents can use Your information to do the following:
Give You the services You have asked for, which can include loyalty and incentive programmes.
Offer You services, accounts and Products, again including loyalty and incentive programmes. We can use automated scoring System to help Us choose what We offer You.
Contact You to ask how We can improve the way We manage Your account and provide You with services.
Contact You to suggest ways You may be able to save money.
Create statistics, test computer System and do analysis. The information and analysis can include the way You use energy. We can use our analysis to help create profiles and marketing opportunities.
Help prevent and detect debt, fraud and loss.
Help Us keep You, Your family and Your household healthy, safe and secure.
Help Us train staff.
We may contact You in any way about Products and services We (and our selected partners) are offering. This can include by email, phone and text message.
We can monitor and record any of Your communications with us, including telephone conversations and emails, to make sure We are giving You a good service and meeting our regulatory and legal responsibilities. If We contact You to tell You about offers, when possible We will try to do it in the way You have required You would prefer to get marketing information. If You decided not to have an account with us, or if You do not use our Products any more, We can still keep Your information. We can then contact You about offers from Us and other companies that might interest You.
We can let other people and selected partner organisations use information about You. We and those other people and organisations can use information about You for the following purpose:
To provide services You have asked for, this can mean giving information to members of Your family or household.
It could also mean giving information to anyone acting on Your behalf, other people who might be interested or those who introduced You to Us such as a landlord or letting agent.
To offer You Products and/or services that We feel will give You the opportunity to save money based on information You have provided or We have received.
As part of the process of selling one or more of our services.
To help prevent debt, fraud or loss this can include giving information about You to credit reference agencies.
To transfer some or all of debt You have to another organisation.
To provide information for legal or regulatory purpose (for example if another regulator or lawyer asks for it)
If any current or future legal action.
To take part in any data sharing initiatives run by the government, regulators of the industry (for example, initiatives meant to reduce fuel poverty, where people cannot afford to pay for  heating and electricity or those to help groups of Vulnerable Customers.)
To help manage loyalty reward programmes.
Some of our work might be carried out outside the European Economic Area (EEA), and so might the people or organisations We share Your information with. That means Your information could be moved to countries that do not have the UK standards for personal information. If this happens, We will endeavour to make sure there are adequate safeguards. We will still collect, store and use Your personal information the way We outline here.

If You give Us information on behalf of someone else, You confirm You have given them the information in these documents. You also confirm that they have given permission for Us to use their personal information as We have described here. If You give Us sensitive information about Yourself or other people, You agree We can use that information as We have described in this policy.

You are entitled to a copy of the information We hold about You, and to ask Us to correct any inaccurate information. We can charge You a small fee for providing a copy of the information We hold which must be paid upfront. For more information please contact our privacy team by writing to them at:
Privacy Department
Clean Heating ltd
Unit 7
Little Samuels Farm
SG12 8 NN
Or You can email info@cleanheatingltd.co.uk

Section 1.1

Cancel in first 14 days of contract with a full refund and no fees if no work has been completed. If work has been completed the cost will be clean heating ltd hourly rate at £75 per hour or emergency at £140 plus materials. To cancel
Please call 07940026052 or email info@cleanheatingltd.co.uk subject it contract cancellation and leave your name address and contact number.

If contracts are cancel after this time there will be an early admin cancelation fee of £19.99 and no refund. If work has been completed the cost will be clean heating ltd hourly rate at £75 per hour or emergency at £140 plus materials. To cancel
Please call 07940026052 or email info@cleanheatingltd.co.uk subject it contract cancellation and leave your name address and contact number.

If price was to be adjusted we would call email write to you before hand to inform you before your renewal date. Prices would only change due to vat rises and tax purposes, wage increases. Generally this will not be the case.

Finance Type Interest Bearing
Purchase Price £0.00
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