Easy Guide to Smart Thermostats: Save Energy and Money at Home


Technology is getting updated on a day-to-day basis and nowadays we can high high-tech makeovers for our home’s heating system. Smart thermostats are changing the way we control our heating, giving us more convenience and savings. Our heating systems are now more customizable. In this article, we will explore and understand how smart thermostats are useful for our heating systems and why they are becoming so popular in the United Kingdom. We will also learn how these smart thermostats help us be cost and energy-efficient in 2023.

Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats have many benefits, making our life easier every day, especially in the cold seasons. They not only help to set the temperature but also allow us to control heating from our mobile phones. This can be done even if you are not at home. This means that you can avoid coming back to your cold house or heating an empty house. The most comprehensive use of a smart thermostat is that it can help you to make your home cozy just in time for your arrival and save you energy when you are away.

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Easy Guide to Smart Thermostats: Save Energy and Money at Home 3

Save Energy and Cut Costs

One of the best features of smart thermostats is that they may help you conserve energy, which equals lower energy costs. Smart elements in these gadgets understand your routine and regulate the heating accordingly. In this manner, you only consume energy when it is truly necessary. According to experts, adopting a smart thermostat may save you between £75 and £130 per year on your energy expenses. These savings might quickly build up and make the thermostat’s purchase worthwhile.

Cool & Techy Features in Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats offer more than just controlling the temperature. Many of them come with geofencing technology, which means that they can detect when you are near your house and can switch the heating system ON. They can adjust the temperature so that your house is comfortable when you walk in the door. Some smart thermostats can also work with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. You can change the settings with just your voice, which is super handy. Smart thermostats can include more cool features to your house’s heating system.

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Easy Guide to Smart Thermostats: Save Energy and Money at Home 4

Easy Compatibility and Installation of Smart Thermostats

Before you get a smart thermostat, you’ll want to make sure it works with your heating system and is compatible with your boiler. Most smart thermostats can work with different types of heating systems, like boilers or underfloor heating.

Installing a smart thermostat is a do-it-yourself process, especially if your heating system is simple. If the situation is more intricate, it’s a good idea to get the assistance of a professional to ensure that everything runs smoothly and securely. You can contact Clean Heating LTD in case of any professional assistance and expertise related to boilers and heating systems in Essex,

Helping the Environment and Looking Ahead

Installing a smart thermostat with your heating system will not only do good to your wallet but also will be beneficial for the planet. By consuming less energy, your boiler will reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change.

As technology improves on a regular basis, thermostats will become more advanced. They’ll learn your preferences even better and might even work with other smart devices in your home, like lights and appliances.


Smart thermostats are revolutionizing the way we heat our homes, making them more energy-efficient and cost-effective. They’re simple to use and even assist in safeguarding the environment. Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular as individuals seek methods to simplify their lives while still being environmentally conscious. By giving them a try, you may have a cozy house while simultaneously helping the environment.

You can contact Clean Heating LTD for professional boiler installation, service, maintenance, etc in Essex or nearby regions or simply give us a call at 07398564440.

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